H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed


I was honoured to design the Grey Hound Tracks for H.H. Sheikh Hamdan the Crown Prince of Dubai in his private club at Nadd Al Sheba and his Public track next to the Dubai Sevens on the Dubai  - Al Ain road including the grandstand in Nadd Al Sheba.


I look forward to his new Sky Dive Centre project to be erected by 2016 as that will be another of my designs that has been made possible with his support on the idea.


As per my last meeting with the Crown Prince, he personally said that this will be a reality soon.

I am backed up generously by his majesty and hope he will continue to support my crazy ideas for years to come.


As far as i have known to hear about his personality, i can confirm that he is a man that challenges all that can be imagined and more.


Its been an honour to have an opportunity working for him.


He continues to support anyone that is creative.



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I have always dreamt of being part of the Moroccan culture and heritage because of their wonderful hospitality and culture.


After visiting Morocco countless times and experienced their kindness in their homes it has made me feel like family always like I never left home.

The Al Barad Project is one of the projects that should be envisioned by 2030 in terms of reality and hope to meet His Majesty to be able to have his support in making my design a reality in his beautiful country.

As far as I know and have heard, He is always opening doors for the world to have opportunities in Morocco as a small business man to large developments where it benefits all parties involved.

2015 has really been a challenge for me to get growing in various territories and Africa will be the next big place in the map for me.

I hope to give you a positive response asap so stay tuned.

Billionaire Entrepreneur Dr. B. R. Shetty

B.R. Shetty 4.jpg
B.R. Shetty 4.jpg

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B.R. Shetty 1.jpg

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B.R. Shetty 4.jpg

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Dr. Shetty has always welcomed me from the first day with a surprise, like he knew me over a period of many years.

His kindness is amazing and his friendship is so pure coming from a billionaire to a simple guy like myself with his hospitality and warm welcome.

With all his experience, he is always challenging himself to higher bench marks to leave a legacy behind in the medical industry.

His new project designed by myself was a challenge which gave me new frontiers to embark my talents in this new field of the medical world.

This new Infinity Health City was inspired by him as a futuristic view of  a hospital or a medical university.

I look forward to making it a reality in the future.

Entrepreneur - Mr. Sohan Roy

Mr. Sohan Roy a famous Film Director too and a international business entrepreneur, has been an important supporter towards my goals to reach my destiny.


He belives in my potential and says "epic projects like these do take time and when its up and erected will the doors open to bigger imaginations for creativity".


His encourages me to never give up and stay the course no matter what obsticles i face and is there for any support i may need in future.


Sohan has started producing is own 3D screens without glasses with a major electronic partner and is on the way to make slimmer screens and larger ones staying ahead of the game in the 3D visual world.


I wish him all the best in his endavours.

Business Advisor - Mr. ADNAN AMER

Adnan Amer.jpg

Mr. Adnan is a business consultant and a professional in business case studies and evaluating projects on any scale.

He is my number guru in terms of execution and plans towards investors and the running solutions form start to handover.

His proposals are Cornell University standards and look at the scope of the project and advise on how to make a project lucrative from the end-user to the investor.


I depend on him for the business plans and road map execution.


Life is easier with him when making those proposals look digestible and executable.


Look towards a lasting business relationship and a lifetime friendship. 

Brand Ambassador - Mr. BENNIS M. ANAS

Mr. Bennis is a creative and a mastermind when it comes to values on first impressions.


He has as looked after my image and carefully placed me in the highest of branding positions.

He has been the heart of my outlook and the outlook of my IPs,

adding his personal touch to my profile.

I always seek advice on placement values and how to face the media with boldness and pride with his touch.

It's prestigious to have him shape my work and put a glow to the output in presentations.

I wish him all the best in his natural-born creativity.

Other permenant stars in my life...

Akbar Ali

My Partner and the back bone of who polished me to be a better person, he inspired me to always be honest and help others as much as you can, his kindness will always be missed, rest in Peace.

Arshad Baig

Entrepreneur and owner of a major construction company called Mc Fadden Group in Dubai managing Currently projects over 300 million and growing.

Alerio Santimano

Entrepreneur and owner of security solutions company SAFE MASTER keeping business safe in Dubai and Doha.

Dr. Mohammed Theneyan

Is a vet for Sheikh Hamdan, If i ever had a best friend and supporter through all my life, he qualifies on top and will never be forgotten for the support he has given me during the hardest times.

Janice Newman

My sister a banker that is always there to support me unconditionally and hope that never changes as family is the best support you can get. She is also famous for baking cakes and a great cook.

Jeemon Pullely

Here is a man who has pioneered the 3D industry in many aspects and making waves as time goes. He has always supported me with his kindness and encouraged me to be determined.

Leonie Christina

She has always be special person in my ife and a brilliant mother to my two lovely girls. Always been there to support me in all the roller coaster times. 

Maria De Ceu

A secretary for Al Haboor Group - She is always been there to morally support me in any way possible and can multi task in many fields which amazes me and has a strong will power to complete tasks.

Mikesch Zemper

A friend that will be missed for his sincerity and humbleness, he was the most creative person i met in life and taught me a lot on how to develop concepts that bring value to the intellectual Property.

H.H. Sheikh Salem

If I ever needed spirutual guidence and good advise besides support Sheikh Salem was the right man to help me get my balance in life and teach me not to give up hope at any point of life.

Susana Guimares

Her Loyalty has always been tested again and again and he has always passed it with grace. I salute her as a person that makes decisions based on integrity, humanity and most of all honesty.