Infinity Health City



Billionaire Entrepreneur Dr. B.R. Shetty has inspired me to take the Health Sector to a new benchmark in the industry that he has pioneered himself over years with his successful clinics, hospitals and with the powerful partnerships of the Royal families in the U.A.E.for further expansion in the region and international markets.

This is a project that could be finalized before 2018 and could be placed in the UAE as the largest Medical University or a multi-facility Turnkey Hospital as a Health City in the Middle East too.

The Complete dome is a clean Dome and starts from the time you enter the parking with lifts designed like a fares wheel.


This facility has a lot to offer, more info shortly...


Hospitality & Culture



This project has been designed for an island but can be accommodated on land as a center monument towards a new metropole.


The design promotes hospitality and culture without compromising the true Bedouin Arabian heritage.

From the ancient times, every Arab home has welcomed you with a fresh coffee pot as part of its hospitality.  Finally, it's going to be possible to actually be in the pot as the main hotel and the cups as apartment hotels to give you that non-existing experience for the first time in the Arabian Gulf Region.


Stay tuned for more updates shortly...

Heritage to the next level.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan  - Customized Projects

AL BARAD City - In Morocco


Awaiting the blessings of His Highness The KING of Morocco is a development that will be placed in Morocco either as a small resort to start with as a sales center towards the main monument which develops into a city creating a metropole.


Let your imagination of commerce envision the possibilities in the new frontier in Morocco as a leading African nation by 2020.


Morocco by far is the forever expanding hottest spot for future investments and a steady increase growth in commerce.


This monument will be visited by millions of repeated tourists to experience art hub of cultural values and traditions.


Stay tuned for further developments right




The most popular attraction in Dubai is even becoming bigger than expected but not shocking, as we all know Dubai is full of surprises.


A proposed new skydive center is on its way.


Taking the shape of a parachute, a building with its difficult structure is in plans to become soon a marvelous reality.


This architecture is one of many that will be a vision for something unique and different again in Dubai.


Today with the six-month waiting list to get an opportunity to take that sky jump, this development will be yet another attraction to take another jump shortly.


Stay tuned you skydive fans...

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan  - Greyhound Track in Dubai

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan  - Greyhound Track in Dubai



This track was the first professional dog track to be built in the middle east with a very small grand stand for training purpose.


It was not an easy task to get the right sand custom made for the dog track being based in the middle east conditions but with the right mixture we got it right by the professionals that have a sand mixture factory custom just for this track.


This is the largest track ever built to be used for multi purposes and has proved to be successful in all the training of races.


A copy of the same track is being replicated in terms of track design so the public will know how large it actually is and a new grand stand will astonishing to the public and the fans in grey hound racing after the design is revealed.

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan  - Customized Private Zoo



Specially Designed for the Crown Prince of Dubai.


A beautiful see-through cage with enclosures to four types of animals with amenities to make the inhabitants as comfortable as possible like they are close to their own natural habitat.


I am happy to have worked on a project like this as it took a lot of research with professionals from different countries to be able to come up with a great standard for a small private zoo.


Look forward to see it into a reality stage shortly.




AQUA PARK RESORT - Surprising Theme to be revealed. 


An Aqua park like no other, I expect to break the barriers of the water entertainment world by having a special theme incorporated into the design and maximizing the resources of customized rides that change the way people see parks.


Changing the experience and brain washing minds to be inspired for the future all this and more by the end of 2018.


Its Al Barad City and Al Dallah Arabia.


As we negotiate with different governments on where these unique projects will be placed, we will keep you updated on the breaking news so you could be part of any future investments in advance.




Public Grey Hound Race Track


Located on Al Ain Road just after the Rugby Sevens. This Track is being prepared for its opening in winter around mid October 2015.


Dubai - United Arab Emirates




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Private Saluki Race Track


This track is operational already, for two years since 2012 and has been created for His Highness Sheikh Hamdan the crown prince of Dubai.


The sukuki and grey hounds get their early training there to be able to enter the public races end of this year.

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