I have a vision and believe that anything can be a reality if we all want it to happen.


When and how is all a result of hard work and visionaries that come together to make the impossible possible


Be part of History and a legacy in the making.


I could have not made it this far even without the support of my close associates, who are mentioned below, in the support of my projects, time and time again.


Thank you all so dearly.. 




comming soon

Dallah Architect & Designer


This architect from THE PLAN COMPANY in Germany is not just any archictitect but the brains of making the impossible look possible.


His love and passion along with his experience has made Dalllah Arabia Concept possible.


There is no way that I could have not made my vision more beautiful or prestigious as it looks today without his touch and not only the archetiture but the exteriors of the project as a whole.


I thank him for making this a success and partnering with me was a great idea.

Metin Senturk



Here is an architect from Morocco that has put is wisdom and years of experience into the design of AL BARAD CITY.


His vast knowledge has made this piece of art into a modern dream yet preserving the interiors with the original Moroccan theme.


He has created a fusion of the old interior designs merging with the new exterior designs which is a perfect combination of times that never got lost.


I like to thank Mr. Lakhssassi for his undivided attention to detail on this structure and the interior imagination that will soon be released shortly.


Lakhssassi Med Samir



Its never easy to put plans into place without the help of producers. 


I simply have to thank Mr. Ronny from Germany, for all the support in bringing a team together from Germany.


His partnership in the project made it smooth with the right backing for over three years and counting. 



Ronny Buschbeck

Financial Consultant


Wassim has been my back bone in keeping the finance and planning including execution in place.


With his management experience with towers built in Dubai, he has put plans in place for various of my concepts.


I thank him for the extreme support and advise that has kept me going on for years since 2003. 


Wassim Kabbani

3D Designer


After the drawing board, we look to bring the project virtually into life.


Jeemon has made a reality of all my exterior designs and put the life into the project as we see today.


I hope to have his continued support as working with him has been a brilliant experience.


Jeemon Pullely

Directors Support


My launch at the Cannes Festival 2014 was a big support from Rupesh Paul from India who is a heading to bigger adventures in film making.


I thank him for his support and wish him all the success with his new ventures and more.


Rupesh Paul

Media Marketing 


Ikram based in Nice has been a major contribution to my website setup and design besides the marketing of the EPIC GROUP Of COMPANIES.


She continues to amaze me with her talents in designs which she is pursuing on the side as it helped me make good decisions in my art works including media.


I thank her and wish her the warmest regards with her future in design and hope i will have the opportunity to support her in the near future.


Bon Courage Houti.

Ikram Houti

AV Art Director


Abby from Canada has been a mentor in the creativity of art placement and design.


Her talent is amazing with her fast pace in her designs and video works too.


Her other hobbies are over taking her at the moment with her utube fame in the cosmetic world and her beauty tips.


I see her moving faster than expected with her success and I dont blame her, as she has a large fan base already.


I wish her all the success as i see her as a valued brand of the future.



Abigale Kirsten

Mission & Event Organization 


My conferences , my meetings, my daily events and daily schedules is my main scope of a busy life made easy with Fatima from Nice.


She gives me the mental peace in the work environment with her professional smooth operation as always.


Thank you for your contribution in many ways not able to fill this space and hope that we continue to work together always with a wonderful sync of thoughts and ideas.


Great minds think alike.


Fatima Zehra